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    From what I understand,
    • in MP4 files the MOOV ATOM is calculated during encoding
    • for streaming video, it is best to place this at the beginning of the file called fast start
    • if only part of the MP4 file is downloaded and missing the MOOV ATOM, the file is essentially unplayable

    Knowing these things to be true:
    How are MP4 files do NOT have the MOOV ATOM at the beginning able to be streamed? I can paste a URL into VLC and it seems to do fine.
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  2. from what i know if mp4 does not have MOOV ATOM it does not play, not even with VLC you need to add it first. if VLC can play it , it could already have MOOV ATOM. (i could be wrong.)

    if mp4 has fake MOOV ATOM this might help
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