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    So, on my old cable boxes, I would able to set the audio output to Dolby Digital, which would lead to encrypted white noise which I would be able to convert to true 5.1 Dolby Digital .ac3 audio with BeSplit, easy.

    With this new cable software, administered by Rogers, developed by Comcast, there doesn't seem to be any option to default the output to Dolby Digital via HDMI directly from the cable box to the HDMI splitter to my AVerMedia Extremecap U3 capture card, so all I'm able to get is PCM 2.0 audio which is nonconvertible.

    I'm curious though, before I make any kind of investment, would I be able to connect the cable box to a HDMI audio receiver, take the HDMI out, connect it to the HDMI splitter input and finally connect the splitter output to the capture card input? Would that work the same way? I'd do it if it would work the way I envision it.

    I'm just frustrated at how the cable companies have to automate all of the settings, essentially making the decisions for me.

    Thanks for any input. I've never messed with receivers before so any help would be great.
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