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  1. Hello, I'm sorta new to Vapoursynth and looking how to get rid of DotCrawl, but I'm not exactly how to go around that with my script. I'm encoding from a telecined and interlaced anime DVD for measure too.

    There seems to be some dot crawling left as seen here:
    [Attachment 58736 - Click to enlarge]

    My Vapoursynth script is as follows:
    import vapoursynth as vs
    import fvsfunc as fvf
    import vsTAAmbk as taa
    import functools
    import mvsfunc as mvf
    import havsfunc as haf
    core = vs.get_core()
    def postprocess(n, f, clip, deinterlaced):
       if f.props['_Combed'] > 0:
          return deinterlaced
          return clip
    def decimate(src):
        src = core.vivtc.VFM(src, 1)
        return core.vivtc.VDecimate(src)
    def detelecine(src):
        matched = core.vivtc.VFM(src, 1)
        src = core.nnedi3.nnedi3(src, field=1)
        return core.std.FrameEval(matched, functools.partial(postprocess, clip=matched, deinterlaced=src), prop_src=matched)
    src = core.ffms2.Source(r"E:\Anime\VideoFile.m2v") 
    src = decimate(src)
    src = detelecine(src)
    src = fvf.Depth(src, 16)
    src = src.std.CropRel(left=12, right=12, top=0, bottom=0)#crop off any black borders, number need to be even
    Trim = core.std.Trim(src, first=0, last=1000) #first and last frame for the clip you want to cut
    scaled = core.resize.Spline36(Trim, 720, 540) #slight upscale to get it back to normal resolution
    denoise = mvf.BM3D(scaled, sigma=[5,1.5])
    dehalo = haf.HQDeringmod(denoise, darkthr=0, sharp=0, mthr=56)
    aa = taa.TAAmbk(dehalo,aatype='Nnedi3', cycle=1) #smooths out artifacts related to interlacing or bad edges 
    out = aa
    final = fvf.Depth(out, 8)
    I'm not sure where how use a Dot Crawl removal line here. I installed this plugin called DotKill but I wasn't sure how to include it in properly. I added it in as

    dotkill = core.dotkill.DotKillT(src, order=0, offset=1, dupthresh=128, tratio=3, show=False)
    but I didn't see any dot crawl removed.
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  2. If you need help you might want to share a small sample of your unprocessed source,..
    Assuming you properly called that script part, have you checked with that your settings catch your dot crawlers?
    Did you read the documentation ? (
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    Originally Posted by Selur View Post
    Ooh, thank you for that link.
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