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  1. Originally Posted by ElCap View Post
    did you add anything in the file?
    im pretty sure you need a header like 'dt-custom-data' with a long string of characters.
    it will be in your POST request to the license server.

    cos otherwise you are requesting the decryption key from the license server with content id (pssh) and your device (cdm), without any authorisation code to prove that you should have access. if that was the case, anyone with the pssh could get the decryption key. (i could be wrong about this)

    also, there shouldnt be a space in your PSSH value.

    You could try wks-keys on this site and i can let you know which values are correct.
    Y O U A R E T H E M A N @ElCap

    Regained a proper header and boom! It successfully extracted the key and I managed to decrypted the file in few secs! Still can't believe my eyes I done it in just few hours by reading this thread, whereas spent lots of days on github without any success. That's Videohelp quality!

    Again I have to say, I've been active on internet since early 2000 and honestly never seen such a kind generous helpful user helping me that much! humm, maybe just one or two people like you, just to be fair!

    Thanks again, I feel I owe you and just repeat with myself that "man I wish you could donate some to express your appreciation." but I honestly cannot!

    Just can't thank you enough.
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  2. no worries, glad you got it working
    thought id help someone else out after being helped out earlier by [SS]Vegeta
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