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  1. Hallo

    since a while I often have the use case to crop long movies to smaller parts and I do this on the command line with ffmpeg, which is very fast. E.g. for a 90 minutes movie cropping into 3 parts, it takes some minutes all together. E.g.:
    ffmpeg -i "inputvideo.mp4" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -ss <start-time(hh:mm:ss)> -to <end-time(hh:mm:ss)> outputvideo.mp4
    I tried also huge programs like handbrake but they take long, much longer just to crop parts of the mkv or avi or mp4 movie.

    Is there any GUI for ffmpeg where I can crop and there is e.g. some dialogs for time etc.?
    Not neccessary for a preview but would be nice.

    Thanks. I hope that this question is not the billionst here about it
    I found the question for other things than crop though, but I just want to crop.
    Found a question like mine from 2015 though: Any ffmpeg GUI that has a video preview cropping? but no exact answer for it, only the suggestion for XMedia Recode.


    EDIT: as Budman1 rightly mentioned, I ment split not crop. So the title is wrong, I edited it.
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    You mean 'split' into 3 parts rather than 'crop', correct? Crop usually refers to cutting parts from the top, bottom,left and/or right.
    If you mean split, where are you getting your times?
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  3. Yes, you are right, split it is. I mixed it up, sorry.
    Normally I view the splitting parts in VLC and notice the time code, and enter it in a DOS Box for ffmpeg.

    But an other question: where is my first post?

    EDIT: maybe the reason why I didnt find the right thing was my mix up
    Will try clever FFmpeg-GUI now...
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  4. Avidemux can preview and split based on markers (in up to 4 parts) with script.
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  5. oops, please delete
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  6. So. clever ffmpeg is not it.
    BUT: XMedia Recode is it! I can split parts easily and fast. I have to set in both Video and Audio Tab the Mode: Copy (not Convert) and I can set the marker easy from chapters, with preview. Took me 5 minutes for a 7 GB movie to split 2 parts and I can set all splitting as job and run all jobs with one click, so again faster than command line, where I have to do that each split manually.
    Great application.
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