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    HI to everyone I have got a question I need to ask and it Is about extracting a srr file

    how do you extract a SRR files
    i found a website that has lots of movies and tv series and you can download them but you cant play them on your a windows pc cos it is a SRR files which windows does not Recognize them. so does anyone know of any software that will extract SRR FILES it is not a winrar files it is white files which windows does not Recognize and the site has everything in folders of tv series and movies. like there is a tv series i have downloaded called Holby City it has all the series of that and i can download the files on the site but they are SRR files. so does anyone know of a way to extract the SRR files to get the real files on a windows pc can anyone please help me with this problem.
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  2. SRR files cannot be used to get the original content it used to encapsulate.
    Srrdb . com only contains the meta data of warez releases, not the contents itself!
    You need to learn how to properly torrent and not waste time your time on stuff like this.

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    Please don't discuss warez moviez sites.
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