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    HI to everyone I have got a question I need to ask and it Is about downloading itv player files

    right i use tubedigger software to download itv player files and the software was working about untill 5 days ago. i have been able to download itv player files for years without any problems you just go to the site find the itv file and tubedigger downloads it. but about 5 days ago something strange happened i went on my tubedigger software on which is the itv player website but when i find the video i want. and i brings up the full url it is sopost to download the video file then but it is not for some reason i have tried other itv player programs and it still does the same thing. so has changed maybe to drm cos i know that tubedigger does not support drm sites. so has changed there site to drm cos tubedigger does not download any files from that site but i know that tube digger software has not been updateed yet. cos there is a update for that software about every month the software says sometimes when you click on it that it has found a new update the last time it was updated was in 24th March 2021 on there website it says that. and i could not download anything on friday 30th april 2021 the last update was done in march 2021 so there has been no update since march 2021. it is now may 2021 and still no update so that could be the problem because i have never had problems with the site it always downloads any files on that site. i only use site for the Classic Coronation Street and Classic Emmerdale episodes cos there is no adverts on the site. when you download a file throgh the website with tubedigger there is no adverts or watermarks in the video file but if i wanted to record thoses on itv 3 channel it would have adverts and a watermark in the corner of the tv. so has anyone helse come up with this problem and is there any other software that will download files cos i dont know of any of any softwares that will download files. you can still download bbc iplayer files through tube digger cos bbciplayer has classic eastenders 2008 and 2009 on bbciplayer but with that site when you download a bbciplayer file it has a bbc watermark in the video file. but files have no watermark in there video files why is that so does anyone know how to download files i have tried tubedigger and download helper. for google chrome and firefox add on that breaks the video file up into little bits.
    so does anyone know how to download theses video files

    theses ones i cant download there is also some other ones i can download which is weird

    older episodes i am able to download throgh tubedigger like theses ones

    so has site changed to drm or does the tube digger software need updateing i can try to contact the tubedigger software people cos they do have a email.
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  2. Need access.
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