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  1. Hello
    I've run into an issue where I can't seem to find a solution regardles of how much I research.
    My goal is to have the same subtitle styling for different video resolutions. It's easy for videos which have square pixels but it get's confusing when I have to deal with anamorphic video.
    For square pixel videos you just have to calculate by how much percent the font, border and margins increase.
    My baseline for 1920x1080 is a fontzine of 68 and 6 for the border. So for a video with a resolution of 1280x720 I would calculate the difference in percentage of 1920 to 1280 which is 33.33333% which means for 720p the fontzine is 45.333 and the border would be 4. This way the styling looks exactly the same.

    An anamorphic video doesn't have square pixels and the player resizes the image to a square pixel resolution on playpack by either streaching the width or hight of the video. Because of some bug in the subtitle redering the subtitles will be streached too. For it to not look streached you have to calculate by how much the subtiles will be streached in either the X or Y dimentions and set a percentage in Aegisubs stylemanager to compensate for the streaching of the videoplayer. This process is confusion as hell and I haven't come to a satisfying solution.
    Basically what I do is, I take a reference screenshot of a 1080p video to know how the subtitles are supposed to look like. Then I make screenshot of the anamorphic video scale it to 1080 and place them on top of eachother in Gimp to compare them. The aegisub manual explains how to calculate the percentage but it's always off by a few pixels. Has anyone found a solution how to easy convert styles between square pixel and anamorphic resolutions?
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  2. Through trial and error I've discoverd that the resolution resampler in Aegisub has some issues. When coverting from one resolution to another It get's everything right except the fontzine. It's always off by a few decimals. So in my above example I converted 1920x1080 to 1280x720. The fontsize shrinks by 33.33333%. A fontzine of 68 would equate to 45.333.
    However when coverting with the resolution resampler it just rounds it to blank 45. To make it look the same you have to calculate the fontzine manually.
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