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  1. I'm starting a project to edit some existing videos into a new order and I'm trying to figure out how I can best go about doing that.
    All my source videofiles are in this configuration:
    • .mkv container
    • H265 video
    • AAC audio
    • .ASS subtitles

    The software I was planning to use (Davinci resolve) of course does not accept .mkv containers, so I tried remuxing the mkv files to mp4 (with Xmedia Recode).
    But that gave the issue that the subtitles would be converted to plain text, and lose their style and on-screen position settings. For instance: the .ASS subtitles appear in the top of the video if there are credits displayed in the bottom. I'd also like to keep the style settings, configured in the .ass subtitles.

    What I'm looking for is (hopefully free) editing software that can work with .mkv containers and with the .ass subtitles, so the subtitles, their style and the on-screen position settings are retained after edits are done. Or a way to remux the .mkv files to .mp4 with retaining the .ass subtitles style and position settings, but I'm not sure that's even possible for mp4 containers?

    What would be the best way and software for me to go about this?
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  2. Mp4 accepts only mov_text as subtitle. If you want to use ass, you have to either burn the ass subtitle into the video or save the ass subtitle separately, edit it after video editing and mux it again to a mkv.
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  3. Isn't there editing software that keeps the subtitles in the correct position when editing the video? It would be a real pain in the ass to have to sync all the subtitles to the new video edits.
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