Hello. How to download in HD https://www.6play.fr/chimene-badi-a-lolympia-p_18605/chimene-badi-a-l-olympia-c_12796601. I got MPD https://6play.vod.6cloud.fr/m6/output/f/9/b/f9b96bfac3b0940277269ad74a10fe8eb89d39bea4...m/Manifest.mpd But maximum 960x540. I know that the channel broadcasts programs in HD quality. I used to get HD, but before the links were of a different kind: https://e213.cdn.m6web.fr/usp/mb_sd3/5/4/5/Le-Hit-W9_c12827511_Emission-du-24-janvi/Le...m/Manifest.mpd. I changed /mb_sd3/ for /mb_hd1/ and I got HD 1280x720. I donít know how to get the HD in the new link format. Can someone help me?