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    I get the error,
    Your input can't be opened:
    VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///D:/.
    Check log for details.

    I have tried all the cures I have found, but most seem to key off of streaming and internet connections and firewalls.
    Not the problem I have, but I did those cures I could also, just in case, no luck.

    I am trying to play a DVD that has a MRL file, and I get that error.
    I have figured it's the file, as VLC will play everything else, so I need a way to get VLC to play the MRL file, or do I have to convert the MRL file to something else? Click on the link to download gimp 2.6
    And How?
    Help, I am in over my head here.
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    Creating new topics is not going to help your cause.

    Anyone not familiar with the original topic who stumbles across this missive will not have a clue what you write about. Which is one good reason why you should NEVER start a new topic but continue in the old.

    Some basic facts:

    1. MRL is NOT a feature of dvd creation >> You only see ifo, bak and vobs
    2. MRL IS a feature of online|streaming since MRL could stand for Media Retriever Location so thus points to an url

    If the authoring software you use actually creates that MRL file then it is more trouble than it is worth since if indeed it points to a location on your system ie an external dvd player then that location can change if you add more fixed HDDs etc to your system.

    Proper dvd-authoring programs will NOT create MRL files whether they cost $0 >> 5000

    No more to be said.
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