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  1. I am trying to convert files like the following:

    It appears to be similar to other h264 videos Iíve gotten that have EIA-608 CC.

    Yet normally I don't get any errors at all in CCExtractor but this video and others from the site give me:

    "Warning: Probably loss of CC data, unsaved buffer being rewritten, trailing end might get lost"

    I tried looking up this error but I oddly only get results from the actual CCExtractor, not anyone asking about the error.

    I also tried:

    ffmpeg -f lavfi -i movie=test.mp4[out+subcc]  -map 0:1
    which worked great other than saying

    "[Parsed_movie_0 @ 0000020fc3a0e080] EOF timestamp not reliable" but Google results say normally that can be ignored.

    Yet if I try and tell ffmpeg to encode using the produced srt, ffmpeg randomly stops and exits after a few seconds.
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  2. Actually I think I figured it out.

    I noticed if you look at the ffmpeg produced SRT you see tags like <font> and similar.

    I thought maybe that's throwing things off as other mp4's from CCExtractor and just SRTs I got offline never had tags like that.

    So I told ffmpeg just make a "VTT" out of the subtitles and then right after it was happy to encode me a new file with the subtitles.
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