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  1. I have had this method suggested to me before on here, and it works great for what I want done. I am having an issue with this source though.

    It appears to be removing or destroying the black lines. Especially smaller or thinner ones. It mostly seems to affect black on red the most.

    Here is what I am using in the script to brighten this.
    ConvertToYV24(matrix="rec601", chromaresample="point")
    MergeChroma(PointResize(width, height, 0, 1))
    RGBAdjust(rg=1.14, gg=1.14, bg=1.14, rb=0, gb=0, bb=0, r=1.00, g=1.00, b=1.00)
    ConvertToYV12(matrix="rec601", chromaresample="point")
    Here is an example screenshot of what it is doing to the video.

    The culprit seems to be the ConvertToYV12 at the end. If I remove that, all of the lines come back. I need this to be YV12 though. I believe I read that this can be lossy sometimes. Is this something I am just going to have to deal with?
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  2. As much as I would have liked to use the script above, I could not get the convertoyv12 to not smudge away the lines.

    I suppose I will just substitute those 5 lines with this.
    coloryuv(off_y=6, off_u=0, off_v=0)
    It would have been nice if it could be converted to 10bit YV12 or something. Maybe it wouldn't be as lossy?
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