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  1. I found a Python script that could help me with a project, but i am not sure on sudo names of some tools. In the script, i need to have Mp4decrypt from Bento, but it looks like i also need a tool named mpegdash from the follow import:

    import os,requests,shutil,json,glob
    from mpegdash.parser import MPEGDASHParser
    from mpegdash.nodes import Descriptor
    from mpegdash.utils

    so can i just rename the mp4dash from Bento, or are they two different things? Looks like i also need to bring in he Mp4dashparse from Bento as well (i think i seen a tool named that).

    If i should move this to the Programming section i will, it was really a toss up, for here or there for me.


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  2. I finally found my answer, and they are NOT the same, it is a whole different tool/project.
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