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    Was in doubt whether to ask it here or over at the Video board but here it goes. What would be the most convenient method/tool to try synch/mux a VHS video capture of a live stage performance of a song, which itself carried a damaged audio of the said performance, with the same performance but from another source, namely from an audio tape, where the sound quality of the said performance is much better. What would be most suited way to try set it in synch and to control the process both visually and by ear at the same time. Can it be done in VDub, something with the delay/skew options etc?
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  2. The best way would be to convert the original audio to uncompressed pcm (wav) format and the good (new) audio too, then load both wav files in an audio editor, g.e. Audacity and try to get the new audio in synch with the original one. Then save the new audio, convert it to what you want (ac3, aac...) and mux it to the video.
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