Software: I have Sony Vegas Pro, and Adobe After Effects
I am trying to enhance an interview. The interview is watermarked, however, I have 2 versions of this interview, with the watermarks in different places. Here are screenshots of each version. We will call the first screenshot version 1, and the second version 2. VERSION 1 VERSION 2
Because of the watermarks being in different places, I cropped the top left area of version 2 and placed it on top of version 1. Here are the results
As you can see from a still in the video it seems to be very effective, however, when the video is being played there is a minor issue, the top left has some moments where you can notice the blur caused by the differing framerates of the videos. Version 1 has a framerate of 29.97 FPS, whereas version 2 has a framerate of 25 FPS. Here is a small section of the video where the blur is noticeable.

I am thinking of using a tool that can convert and insert frames to a specific amount but can not find an effective one apart from multiplying the original framerate. For example, I can not convert the 25 FPS to exactly 29.97, or even 30 FPS if we round it, but we can multiply it by X2 or X4 to get 50 FPS and 100 FPS respectively. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

One final issue is that there are multiple dozen second long sections in the video where another watermark appears on version 1 and overlaps the watermark in version 2. This is the watermark that appears in version 1 at the bottom of the screen When we replace the watermark with the same area in version 2, this is what we get, a small overlap leaves the watermark there.

I was thinking that maybe we could use colour correction to adjust the watermark area since it is quite transparent. Maybe colours from around the same area could be compared to the colours in the watermark area, and then we could convert the colour in the watermark area to something close to a good result. Any help with this would also be appreciated.