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  1. Hey there everyone! I'm new here, so apologies if this is being posted in the wrong place. I'm wanting to use the video below for a project, but the video has interlaced artifacts left in it, despite being a progressive video when downloaded. Is there anyway for me to remove these artifacts? Thanks!
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  2. Treating it as normal interlaced video and deinterlacing it is technically wrong -- but it doesn't look too bad.
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  3. @jagabo why would it be "technically wrong"? In my experience it is just kind of a normal thing to "force" video properies that did get lost from the metadata at one or multiple processing steps. In this very case, the original interlaced video seems to have been encoded as progressive, just "forgetting" the interlaced flag. Of course the result is then not perfect but it is in my opinion VERY close to perfect in terms of restoration. Imagine if they would have been scaling it without deinterlacing first.
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  4. It's technically wrong since the video is encoded progressive. The chroma channels of the two fields are blended together and compression artifacts have crossed between the two fields. But it's pretty much all you can do.
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