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  1. VideoInspector - 2.15.7 ( Released 2021-04-20 )

    0006490: [Refactoring] Update ICS library to 8.66 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1k (Kyle_Katarn)
    0006465: [Refactoring] Code signing certificate renewal (Kyle_Katarn)
    0006506: [Refactoring] Updated Japanese translation (Kyle_Katarn)
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    What does this program do? I looked at it today for the first time and it told me
    I didn't have any codec installed for my MKV with H264/aac -
    Isn't it looking at directshow codecs ?
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  3. No, it only scans available VfW APIs.
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  4. Hey @Kyle_Katarn,
    if you find the time, could you maybe point out if and why VfW stuff is still relevant to Windows 10 users?
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  5. VfW is still supported but I recognize that it's of much limited use for modern win10 users.
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  6. Thanks for your fast reply! Honestly i expected a little more, e.g. i guess the kernel can still use VfW for preview extraction and such, is that possible? Does Windows Media Player still fall back to FfW when neccessary? Or is it more like VfW is only used by 3rdparty applications but not by windows at all anymore?
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  7. May depend on system configuration
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