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  1. Hi guys, can you help me identify the effect used on the 1st ending song of Durarara? (link below)

    Its the one where it looks like there are circular drops falling on the screen that changes the overall tint of the vid.

    If you can name the effect and the program used for it that would be great.

    I am currently using SonyVegas Pro 11 right now.

    Is it also possible for me t oreplicate it? Many thanks!
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  2. I don't use Vegas but that should be pretty simple to reproduce. Just create tracks with different colors (probably simple Hue rotations) and use an animated circle alpha mask for the transitions.

    [Attachment 58508 - Click to enlarge]

    alternate colors:
    [Attachment 58509 - Click to enlarge]

    alpha mask:
    [Attachment 58510 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 58511 - Click to enlarge]

    final result:
    [Attachment 58512 - Click to enlarge]
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