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  1. I have a MOV file with v210 codec that I want to trim without reencoding and also retain PAR aspect ratio. Quicktime Player crashed when trying to open file. VirtualDub FilterMod and Adobe Premiere can export to AVI but it loses PAR. Right now I'm using ffmpeg command line but I prefer a GUI where I can see the video and be able to delete several unwanted scenes at one go.
    ffmpeg -i -ss 00:00:03 -to 00:00:08 -c:v copy -c:a copy
    This method is slow. If I have a 2 hour video and I just want the last few mins, ffmpeg will seek the file starting from the beginning until it reach the specified time, it may take 10-15 minutes before it reaches it on a 200GB file. The hard drive will be 100% disk activity during this search, very inefficient form of editing.
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  2. VirtualDub2 in Video -> Direct Stream Copy mode might work. It support MOV as input and output. I don't have a v210 file to test with.
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  3. In Premiere, right click on the source file in the project window. In the drop-down select Modify > Interpret footage and "Conform to" the proper pixel aspect ratio.

    Then create a sequence and edit away.
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  4. VirtualDub2 is able to save in MOV but loses PAR. Is there an app that can set PAR aspect ratio tags on a MOV container?

    This website has many useful video tools but no manuals on how to use them
    CLI version.
    MOVMetaEdit -p 8:9

    MOV +faststart exported by VirtualDub2 is not supported by MOVMetaEdit but the Quicktime MOV is. Thanks jagabo.

    I was able to maintain aspect ratio in Premiere by exporting to Quicktime GoPro CineForm YUV 10-bit MOV but it's lossy.

    Aspect ratio is lost when exporting to lossless AVI.

    Is there a way to add more presets/lossless codecs to Quicktime format?

    I can use a bat file to cut and join videos using ffmpeg to retain all original metadata.
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