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  1. I'm currently using handbrake but I've looked at the documentation and it seems handbrake requires 1050+. What other software can I use with similar features (queueing + presets)? Thanks

    ps. I do not have a 980ti YET but I'm planning to buy one this weekend.
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    You can use any converter which supports encoding via the NVEnc encoder. That may be e.g. Avidemux, StaxRip, or many more. Handbrake supports NVEnc too, but I am not sure about the reasons why at least Pascal architecture is required. So I am not sure if any other converter with NVEnc may have its own limits...

    Note: Hardware accelerated video encoding may be faster, but doesn't have to, especially not if your CPU is powerful and has many cores; but it is quite certainly worse in quality, compared to x264 / x265 as CPU encoders from "fast" presets up.

    If you have a recent intel CPU, you can als use QuickSync encoders in some converters. Same applies here, though the quality is reported to be a bit better than most other GPU accelerated encoders. Yet, no competitor to x264 / x265.
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