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  1. Hello,

    I got this impossible to find movie in 2 different formats from the net.
    One is an mp4 with a 1080p picture at 23.976fps BUT with a stereo low quality soundtrack, and it is 1h50 long.
    The other is from a DVD Pal, so at 25fps BUT with a great DTS ES 7 channel soundtrack, and somehow it seems to be 1h45 long.

    Is that possible to have the best of both in one synchronized file?

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  2. Yes, it's possible. But it may not be easy. 24p film is often sped up to 25p for PAL releases. That causes a ~4 percent reduction of running time and usually a corresponding rise in audio pitch. You can adjust that by reversing the process for the PAL audio, or speeding up the NTSC video. Beyond that, releases in different countries are often different cuts of the movie. The difference in running time for your two videos is more than the pal speedup so they are also different cuts of the movie. That makes the process much harder as you'll have to locate those differences and compensate for them.
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