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  1. Okay I have been recording off this for many years but then a few weeks ago I got this E25 message. I'm on rogers cable and run the cable box through Toshiba I bought a DVD disc cleaner ran it through I've tried recording off non HD channels nothing works. The VCR part doesn't work either I put a tape in its shows static then shuts off when I start it up again it spits the tape out. Any suggestions would be most helpful cause I'm almost at my wits end with this
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  2. 1) These recorders were not designed to last forever. Most dvd recorders have a lifespan of approx 7 years, if you're lucky. Beyond that they begin to fail (electronics wear out, laser in the DVD drive burns out, mechanics in the VCR break down). So if you purchased this recorder more than 7 years ago, and are beginning to have problems with the VCR not working or DVD player not recognizing discs, its time may be running out. They aren't repairable anymore, and aren't sold anymore: disc recording is dead as a consumer format. You might need to look for a second hand recorder, or consider the current market alternatives for TV recording.

    2) OTOH, E25 is not usually a breakdown code for Toshiba units: almost always it simply indicates the incoming TV signal has a recording prevention flag embedded in it. If the unit detects such a flag, it will refuse to engage record mode with the DVD section. In most combo units, the VHS section should still be able to record but perhaps your Toshiba model also locks out the VCR (or coincidentally the VCR just suddenly developed a clogged head or mechanical issue causing the static and tape rejection). Disconnect the cable feed from your Toshiba, and check if it will let you play tapes and DVDs normally: if it does so with no problems, the Toshiba is still in good condition but is reacting to the newly-applied anti-recording signal Rogers is transmitting thru the cable feed.

    Most cable companies began applying the record lockout flag to nearly all channels (SD, HD, local broadcast) a few years ago. The timetable varied depending on the neighborhood, you may have been luckier far longer than most in that Rogers apparently only just started doing it now. Once the cable company starts transmitting this signal, any recorder not furnished by the cable company will be locked out of record mode (i.e., useless). The only way around this is to purchase a signal filter like The Grex for approx $100 new, or a professional TBC box for $600+ second hand. You connect the extra box between the cable video output and your dvd recorder video input.

    I'm not familiar with Canadian cable regulations, so its possible you could petition Rogers to remove the protection signal (you'll need to research the topic). Here in USA, our FCC pretty much rolls over and does whatever the cable companies ask, so some years ago when they demanded a rollback of anti-record regulations, they got it. So we have no recourse in USA: once a cable company employs the record lockout trick, we're forced to either buy an expensive signal filter box accessory, or ditch the dvd recorder and subscribe to the cable company decoder box with built-in recorder.
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