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  1. I went to a park and there was a sign that said I could download the pdf trail map from their website. Then the sign said I could download Avenza Android app and open the pdf trail map in Avenza, and the GPS location pin would show my location on the trail map. This is what I want. (Google maps shows roads, with my location pin, but doesn't show the these park trails, so Google maps in this instance is useless.)
    However, according to the info on Google Play, Avenza works on Android 6 or higher and I have Android 4.3. Also, Avenza is a huge program (120MB), and my little Android doesn't have that kind of space. My question is: is there another app that is much smaller and will do the same thing (put my location marker on downloaded pdf park map)? See attached picture.
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    1st, a pdf doesn't understand gps coordinates and what you have with it is static. While it is accurate when you are standing at the sign marker, once you move away from there it no longer is accurate...unless Avenza is a VERY SPECIAL app which can incorporate pdf files, that pdf will always just be a static reference.

    2nd, mapping software relies on their ability to track gps positioning and on their maps. Google maps is one of the very best ones to use, but there are many, and some have a more special purpose. Avenza is one as it specializes in off-road & hiking. But it is not the only one in this category, as a simple search for avenza on Google Play also showed about twenty other suggestions, some of them explicitly mentioning off-road/hiking. You could certainly try one of these out. However...

    3rd, ultimately you may still be disappointed, as you are fighting an uphill battle WRT system requirements and compatibility. Android 4.3 is an almost 8 year old OS and that is not the spec that programmers write for anymore. 6-7-8-9 is more the bare minimum. And those storage requirements are actually modest for modern apps, PARTICULARLY for mapping apps - they often get up to multi-gigabytes for their offline map downloads. I don't believe you would fare much better with a competing app. With THAT PHONE.

    Sounds like you have held off for a long time, but this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Time to get a new phone?

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