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  1. Hello, I have vhs-c tapes with 3d footage from a toshiba sk 3d7 camcorder from the mid '90s.Is there a way to capture the field sequential info from an analog tape? I would like to eventually view the 3d side by side and to preserve the footage digitally without having to run the original tapes.Thanks in advance
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    field sequential utilizes normal interlacing, so just capture interlaced and keep it that way (aka do NOT deinterlace, nor scale) until you have separated the 2 fields. Best to use an AVIsynth script to do this. At that point you will want to make sure the script scales properly (since odd & even lines do not, and should not match up, but you will want to interpolate each individually so that the results do). cannot remember whether the pantarheon avisynth plugin did this automatically or not but that is a good starting place.
    to compare, you may want to use stereoscopic player as it CAN change the view on playback PROPERLY from field sequential to side-by-side. it just can't export it that way.

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  3. In Avisynth:

    WhateverSource() # interlaced, field sequential video
    StackHorizontal(SelectEven(), SelectOdd())
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  4. Thank you very much for the reply and info.I captured the analog vhs-c with honest tech vid box 5.0(as I used it to capture other old vhs footage).Here is a screen shot of how it looks.Image
    [Attachment 58325 - Click to enlarge]
    I have never used AviSynth or scripted anything so i am trying to understandhow to separate the left/right.I will look into the plugin and hope it may do it automatically.In order to play what I captured in SSP I need to download ffdshow but when installing it asks me what components/plug ins and not sure what to check.
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  5. Your cap has already been deinterlaced. There's no way to turn that into a 3d video. You need to go back capture interlaced.
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  6. Thank you for your response.How do I capture it interlaced? Do I need another kind of analog capture device than what I have? I do not understand the code for AviSynth you posted as I have never used it or coded before.
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  7. You may have to use a different program to capture interlaced. If you can't find any interlace settings in your software try VirtualDub or AmarecTV.

    To be sure, capture 10 seconds of a shot with motion and upload it here for analysis. It may be that the video is interlaced but the way you produced the sample image caused the deinterlacing,
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  8. I am using an Honest tech 5.0 vidbox as the analog capture device/software.It is a basic analog converter,doesnt have interlace settings.My tapes are outputted from a vcr to the vidbox via rca cable.I can try Virtual dub as a capture device but still have to go thru the vidbox so as to use the rca composite to usb to my pc.I will see if Virtual Dub can bypass the honest tech software.If not,how do I go from the vcr to my pc,would I need a AV to usb or hdmi converter?here is a short clip from the 3d camcorder from the analog converter.
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  9. The captured video has the two fields blended together so there's no way to separate the left and right images. If you can't get another program capture the video from that device in its original interlaced form you'll have to get a capture device that supports that. Look through the forums for current standard definition capture devices that support "uncompressed YUV 4:2:2" format.
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  10. Thank you all again for the info as I'm learning something new.I downloaded Vdub2 and it seems when I open it that it does recognize my Honest Tech capture device(did not know it could do this).I was able to capture but at uncompressed a 22 sec clip was 344mb.What is a good compression setting to use so I can upload a short clip to see if it is captured interlaced(or does Vdub do this automatically?) here is a screen shot so it does look different than my 1st screenshot.Do the horizontal lines in the "shadow" area mean its captured as interlaced? (versus my 1st ss doesnt show the horiz lines)
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  11. Although you resized the video screwing up the interlacing I can see that you are now getting interlaced video. Assuming NTSC video in North America, you should capture at 720x480 29.97 fps as YUY2 (or other YUV 4:2:2 format) and compress with a lossless coded like Lagarith or UT Video Codec. You should then have interlaced video that can be convert from field sequential to side/side 3d. Don't worry too much about the large file size. When you convert to SbS you can compress with good codec like x264 or x264 to get a much smaller file.
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  12. I was just able to view this test clip in stereoscopic player in 3d! ( I prefer side by side). It seems all I needed to digitize these tapes was to download Vdub2,open it,use it with my analog capture device I already had to capture the interlaced footage.Then open up stereoscopic player,open my file,set my viewing method.I'll have to try the different compression rates and any advice on that would be great.The audio in the test seems to be synched ok.All I wanted was to digitize the tapes content as is,no need to edit now.I imagine if I did want to edit any footage in Vegas(which I have) then I would have to use AviSynth to separate? I want to thank everyone for helping with this.I dont know how many others still may have 3d toshiba camcorder vhs-c tapes untouched for years but its easier to view now than using shutter glasses,although watching on a crt tv is like watching old 8mm movies running through a projector.
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  13. You can do some editing in VirtualDub2. And export as h.264 or h.265 MP4 or MKV. I've never used Vegas but I would guess they have some ability to deal with 3d formats. Can you provide a short sample cap?
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  14. Thanks jagabo for the info on editing in VDub2 and to export.I have Vegas 12(it doesnt allow analog capture) and it does do 3d but havent used it for 3d yet.I had gotten it with a Sony td10 3d cam about 10 years ago but unfortunately stopped doing anything with it back then for other life reasons.Once I try to find a good compression rate possibly by friday I can provide a clip but wont try any editing until I get all my tapes digitized 1st. I really appreciative of the people here in the forums and that my tapes held up and stereoscoppic player can be used for playback.I have been using a Honest Tech capture device for many years for my vhs,hi-8 and now vhs-c tapes and it has worked very well for my needs.
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  15. Originally Posted by johnr4546 View Post
    I can provide a clip but wont try any editing until I get all my tapes digitized 1st.
    I recommend you be sure your capture process is working perfectly before you waste time capturing a bunch of tapes.

    By the way, VirtualDub's Deinterlace filter has a "stack fields side by side" option. It wasn't meant for it, but it should work for converting your field sequential to SBS 3D. If you use VirtualDub2 (a modern update of the original) you can output directly to h.264 or h.265 video in MKV or MP4 containers.
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    Just want to say thank you for all this information. I have had several 3D videos from my Toshiba camcorder from the same period that I thought would never been seen again since the advent of digital television, and I have been searching for a way to convert them. Not knowing exactly what might work, I followed your lead and purchased an Honest Tech 5.0 vidbox to capture my footage and then used Stereoscopic Player to play it in SBS mode. Furthermore, after figuring out the correct positioning of the images to be played on my OLED 3D TV, I recorded them with a screen capture software so that I can play them directly from a USB drive, or even Plex. YAY! It can be done!!
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