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  1. Apologies if the answer is obvious, but I'm clueless: I run my VCR's audio through my stereo receiver/amplifier. It's plugged straight into the outlet, no daisy chains. The issue is that when the VCR is plugged in, my phono and cassette players' audio drops significantly and I have to turn up the volume twice as high to reach the same sound level as when the VCR is not plugged in. What is causing this and how do I fix it?
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    Hello companda. Plugging in a audio source (VCR) to an input of a receiver should not affect the output level of other sources connected to the receiver. I suggest that you look carefully at the labeling on the jack panel of the receiver and be sure that you are plugging the VCR into a valid input, and not a output such as a tape output. sometimes the labeling on these crowded jackplates can be close to two or more jacks, leading to confusion on which jack performs which function- especially when you look at it upside down, as is often the case when you pull a component slightly out of a shelf and look down at it from above. Hope this helps.
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