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    Microsoft reached a deal to deliver 150000+ va(not vr) units to u.s. army.

    2 april news states the company reached a deal to develop and
    deliver virtual augmentation gargles unit for u.s. troops, maybe
    to marines core, maybe others." reporter said.

    Virtual-augmentation-reality portable-devices (glasses) is a type of HUD
    (head-up-display) but portable device, for use by army members in the fields
    during mission operations.

    First virtual augmentating technology was first developed for aircraft pilots on
    aircraft carriers. Some phases of a typical aircraft mission on the sea are:
    -aircraft take-off
    -route head on target
    -serve mission, deliver the payload, or accompany
    -return to the carrier
    -safely land aircraft

    Pilots had problems returning to carrier and landing ther aircraft safe. One
    way to safe-land the plane was experience. On aircraft carriers the runway
    for aircraft to take-of and land is much shorter than on soil. Available
    experienced pilots, have to develop new skills to land on the short and
    compact runway that are limited by the length of the ship and further on
    tailored to special width and length of the marine aircrafts, getting smaller
    by every generation.

    Nonexperienced marine pilots were difficult to train and additional problem
    of landing on short runways with wind was an important issue central
    command had to deal with, when training. Back than the first solution is to
    use usaf pilots, and train them further new abbilities for execute the over-the-sea
    missions on carriers. This means pilots coped lateral wind, must adjust the
    angle of soil-approach and hook up with the hook slowing them down to
    a stop.

    The wind is a constant threat in landing procedures and this angle of
    approaching the runway is the main critical one. As one know the speed would
    be next. These variables are specific to each aircraft type and are printed on the aircraft manual.

    The grasping hook would be the fourth and final phase of the ideal
    mission for the traine pilot to master on the sea as aircraft marine pilot.

    Wind coming from the sides, angle at which to lowen the aircraft nose, the hook,
    and the approach speed have to be compressed and transmitted to the pilot
    in one paper.
    New virtual augmentation gargles would present all these info to the pilot.
    Pppu was not disclosed by media, I suppose it would be much more expensive
    than anyone can afford. Does anyone have a pair and alternative cheapest one
    for me? If you are kind I would like one for porn when going to mettings,
    presentations, and classes.
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    What's a gargle device ??
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