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  1. Suddenly, none of my capture devices will work. VDub gives me the error message: "VirtualDub cannot connect with desired capture driver." They were working before. Is this caused by some Windows update? (I really hate being stuck with Windows 10) Or, did I accidentally change some setting in either Windoze or VDub? Is there any way to troubleshoot this?

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the capture drivers. I downloaded a fresh copy of VDub. I have rebooted at-least a half-dozen times. And no, I do not have two capture devices connected at the same time.

    One other note: I recently downloaded AmerecTV, and I have been trying to figure it out. Could AmerecTV be causing a conflict?
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  2. Quick good news update!: After doing some fast digging, I found the problem. Under "Privacy", "Camera Permissions" must be enabled for desktop apps. Permissions were somehow switched off. Now, with permissions again enabled, I am back in business. For reference, see the last entry of this thread:

    "Update on my desktop. It appears it was a permission's issue. The Privacy settings under the Camera App Permissions was turned Off to allow desktop apps to access the camera. Virtualdub showed up there as one of the Apps. After changing the permission to On, both Virtualdub and the Crossbar Thing are able to recognize the device."
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