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  1. any software free 0rm paid to make 360p anime to 720p, i mean improve quality i really need this for my childhood memories, some a.i. thing i also research
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  2. If you think upscaling will improve quality, you will be disappointed. If the video has other problems, AVISynth can often make a significant difference.
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  3. If the 360p anime video is reasonably clean (not overcompressed) upscaling to 720p can look decent. Better than the upscaler typically built into media players and TVs.
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  4. i dont want upscaling i want real improvement, the 360p looks blurry i want details like hd
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  5. Certain types of anime scale well with real improvement. It depends on the exact source and what needs to be done

    The classic example that came out a few years ago is waifu2x, but there are newer types of neural net architectures such as ESRGAN, with specific anime models
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  6. There's a pinned post on here you might want to read.

    You sound like you're expecting miracles and it's most likely not going to happen. You cant add HD detail that is not in the source to begin with. The best you can do is sharpen your 360p video, and then scale it to 720p with one of the many choices of methods or filters out there.

    A more accurate opinion on what may be best for it would be available if you share a sample of the video you want to work on. It's kind of hard to give a great suggestion without being able to see what it is that you are working with.
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