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  1. Thank you again Hello_Hello and Davexnet for help , i will leave it with this minor jerkys , it's not so bad , i can survive with this...anyway it's look better than dvd.
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  2. Just in case then, use TDecimate this way.


    The output will still be 23.976fps.
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  3. Sometimes you have irregular pulldown patterns (not simple 3:2) and TDecimate(Cycle=10, CycleR=2) will work better than the default (Cycle=5, CycleR=1). Or even Cycle=15, CycleR=3) or more.

    You will find some shots were sped up or slowed down so they can't be decimated to 23.976 fps smoothly. Or those shots may be 30p or 30i. There are so many possibilities. Sometimes I just give up and encode at 60p after QTGMC() -- that will give the same smoothness as watching the original DVD on an analog SD TV.
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  4. I tried some tests with hybrid ( i use decomb telecide+decimate because i don't have ghosting )but with TIVTC ( Tfm+Tdecimate ) ghosting is back and with hybrid=1 it's the same . With cycle=10 , cycle=15 same thing , only encode at 60p seems to help for smoothnes
    In this case i guess i don't have to use decimate and convert to 60p , but witch is the right way to do that ( hybrid, for test i use FrameRateConverter) ?
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