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  1. I am in the process of capturing some video 8/Hi-8 tapes.

    I have 3 sony camcorders and they all seem to output the video with a weird colour cast. Usually seems to make things quite yellow.

    I have attached a sample image below.
    The left side is from the sony Camcorder CCD-TRV23E PAL. The right side is from a Sony Video 8 Deck EVO9800P.

    [Attachment 58046 - Click to enlarge]

    I have a couple of other Hi8 Camera models Sharp/Canon and they don't seem to output with this colour cast.

    Does anyone know what causes it and a possible fix?

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    Those Hi8/Video8 VTRs are not suggested.

    Use the cameras. The cameras are better.
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  3. yeh the left is the camera but the colours seem unnatural. Even compared to my other branded cameras.
    Only the sonys seem to do this. (I cannot use the other cameras for this as these are LP and they only run SP)

    here is another example of the sony camera on the left.
    [Attachment 58047 - Click to enlarge]

    I doubt there is but wonder if there is some weird colour setting in my camera settings?
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    No, The camcorder is more natural, It has a better dynamic while the video 8 deck image processing is primitive and of a low quality compared to the more advanced processing of Sony camcorders. Use that deck to rewind tapes or sell it for playback, it is not recommended for capturing.
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  5. Oh ok. Fair Enough. Weird though, you would think the big deck would be better than a camcorder.

    I find the Deck audio better in certain circumstances so wouldn't get rid of it.
    I get crackly audio in parts where there must be a bit of dirt on the tape or build up on the head. The Deck is way less susceptible to the crackle.

    I have checked in my newer sony camcorder and the colour doesn't seem to be less"blown out" than the other camera

    Left = Sony CCD-TRV23E - PAL. Right = SonyDCR-TRV330E PAL
    [Attachment 58052 - Click to enlarge]
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    See this thread perhaps you can find some info of interest.
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