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    A friend bought a generic player online and the default language is set to Chinese. DVDs play fine since their menus are in English, but Iíd love to be able to set it up in English so she can use the other features and access the menus. The English instruction pamphlet that came with it doesnít help, and my online searches havenít helped. I used an English to Chinese web translator in a futile attempt to select English as the default language. Although the Chinese symbol for English is set in various places and even remains after exiting the settings menu and powering off/on, everything other than this startup screen is still Chinese.

    I kid you not when I say generic. There is no brand, model or serial number to be found. Itís a complete mystery.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to set this to English, Iíd really appreciate some suggestions.

    Thanks so much!
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