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  1. Ive got 2 copies of a certain movie.
    the other one is from Japan, the other one is from US.
    both are 23.976 fps

    The Japanese copy has a better video quality and I want to mux the US audio to it.

    The problem is it doesn't sync starting from maybe 1/3, and more noticeable nearly at the end of the movie.

    Upon investigating I noticed that the Japanese video comes with more frames (150 frames).
    I looked further into it on where it came from (hopefully I can find it as a clump of consecutive frames),
    but the unexpected part is... the extra frames are scattered all through out the whole movie,
    specifically 1 extra frames every 800-1200 frames.

    its pain in the ass to search for those frames and remove them one by one (so the audio will sync).
    So i came up thinking an audio stretch as last resort so it will accommodate the 150 frames on the japanese video.

    can i do that on ffmpeg? if yes, can someone help me with the command line?
    Anyway, my audio is already on wav form.

    thanks and have a nice day...
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  2. Load both audio tracks under each other in Audacity and compare them. Match the American audio track to the Japanese one. You can copy missing parts from the Japanese to the American.
    A lot of manual work, but the only way.
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