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  1. Hello. I found in cupboard my old Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate box.
    I installed it and it's working because I have activate keys back up (printed, and CD copy of "C:\ProgramData\Pinnacle\Pixie" directory).

    But when I was activating it i forgot to get Dolbly Digital 5.1 which I need now for some reason,
    and after buy Pinnacle by Corel only available option is to do paid update to Pinnacle 24 which I don't need.

    When can I legally get this activation key?
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    Have you tried asking in the Pinnacle Forum?
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  3. Originally Posted by SmurfRecorder View Post

    When can I legally get this activation key?
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  4. I contacted Pinnacle support and they send me keys for

    MP3 Encoding/Decoding
    Dolby 2CH Encoding/Decoding
    Dolby 5.1 Encoding/Decoding
    MPEG-4 Encoding/Decoding
    Dream Glow RTFx
    H264 Encoding/Decoding
    AMR Audio Encoding

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