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  1. Not having a good time at the moment my 2nd FS200 is showing a few signs of its age.

    All of a sudden it's started doing this on the odd tape, it's ok for a while then this happened

    wait till 11 seconds into the video where the problem starts (the film does go blank so no worry about that bit) then it starts up again and it's perfectly fine. It's not the tape I have tested it on another Panny and it works perfectly fine

    Something else with it this week it's squealing a bit when inserting a tape and the tape is catching on the way out.

    No idea of anyone who can service this for me in the UK.
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    Looks like video drum has issues, Bad bearing, dirty surface. It is not keeping a locked speed as can be seen from loosing HBI signal and heard from loosing the hi-fi audio track.
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  3. Hi mate this was an old problem it wasn't actually the vcr causing this issue it was the actual video tape itself, the plastic on the left hand side of the tape reel had come off causing the tape to move too much inside the vcr.
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