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  1. I was thrilled to find two favorite oldies were available: "You Never Can Tell" (1951) - Universal and "Sitting Pretty" (1948) - Fox and they came on DVD-R discs. These are official versions from the studios, not TCM captures from someone's DVR (like the copy of "Good-Bye Charlie" I ordered off amazon turned out to be).

    Now, I got rid of cable television for all streaming and I've ripped all my DVDs and Blu-Rays to a 16TB array to use as a library for iTunes (running 10.13.6 Mac) so I can watch through my AppleTV HD box (formerly known as 4th gen).

    I normally use Leawo Prof. Media combined with Wondershare UniConvertor (both current versions) to convert my discs. But neither software package will work with these discs. Wondershare won't acknowledge the disc exists and Leawo sees the discs, gives an image and settings for the movie, but then poops out with a Bug icon when I click on convert.

    I've tried VLC but that only records the 35 sec. Universal animated logo. I've tried the old drag-and-drop to my computer, but the audio and video folders on the dvd-r show empty. And yes, I've played the discs on the Mac and tried screen capture, but Mac (36.5 yrs experience - and I currently tech support for Apple after lost my business to COVID) doesn't allow commercial dvd to be captured by any means.

    About 10 years ago I got an MGM DVD-R disc and it ripped fine.

    Please help!
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    try makemkv
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  3. The "Archive" discs the Hollywood studios offer can be very strange beasts.

    Studios being studios, they couldn't abide the idea of releasing ordinary "unprotected" movies on DVD-R when they decided to enter the discs on-demand market. So they mangled the standard regulation DVD-R format with a bizarro version of the copy protection they employ on pressed retail discs. Depending on the particular studio and movie, this technically illegitimate DVD-R disc encoding can royally mess with ripping software that doesn't know what the hell a copy-protected DVD-R is (since DVD-R is unsupported for copy protection, some ripping utilities choke on a protected DVD-R as a contradiction in terms).

    A further complication in your case might be using MacOS for the rips. Mac has been rather funky for such tasks in recent years, and the ripping apps you mentioned might lag somewhat behind the gold-standard Windows-based apps (that get updated for arcane disc encryption schemes more frequently). Of course even those might not work with Frankensteined "archive" DVD-Rs, but its worth a try if you can find a friend with a Windows PC running a dedicated utility like DVDfab or AnyDVD. DVDfab and MakeMKV are also available for Mac, but can have conflicts with some combos of Mac model and OSX version. I'd try MakeMKV on a WinPC first, if possible.
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