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  1. A Toshiba RD-XS34SB Video Recorder with Hard disk and Dubbing capability to DVD.

    How can you edit the title information on recordings.

    Hi, I need some help with video-camera recordings on Toshiba RD-XS34SB. Fifteen years ago, I uploaded several of my video camera tapes To the HDD.
    I am now trying to download these to a DVD/RAM, whilst some are ok, others are marked as “Copy Never” in the Title info.
    Is there anyway to Edit the Title to remove this restriction? I don’t know how it happened because they were all uploaded from my personal camera and I am not aware of having changed any settings when they were uploaded. I don’t have the original camera or the tapes.

    Please can anyone help?
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  2. There is nothing you can do that will alter this incorrect title info (more accurately described as title properties or copy flags). There is no user control over the copy protection status of individual recordings on the HDD: it is a totally automated system, where the recorder permanently assigns these flags based on data it looks for in the video signal. Unfortunately, many brands/models of DVD/HDD recorders had issues properly categorizing videos dubbed from camcorders: something in personal camcorder videos often seems to falsely trigger the "Copy Never" flag to be applied, after which the video is forever trapped on the HDD and cannot be transferred to any dvd format.

    Back when the Toshibas were still sold new, a couple of people posted about this problem and claimed they solved it by making a new short recording on the hard drive, then combining the "Copy Never" video behind the new "Copy Freely" video. The new combined video takes on the properties of the unprotected front portion, and allows burning to disc. If copied to a RAM disc and then re-copied back to the Toshiba HDD, you should be able to edit out the unwanted new video, leaving the original as it was before (but now stripped of the "Copy Never" issue). Or you could just copy the RAM disc contents to your PC if you don't need to keep them on the Toshiba, and edit them back to original form there.

    The only other possible workaround for this is to remove the HDD from your Toshiba, connect it to a Windows PC, and use the IsoBuster utility to copy the Toshiba videos directly into your PC (then use the PC to make dvds). A full paid license for IsoBuster is required, approx $40. See this youTube video for a demonstration, and/or search VideoHelp for thread posts by jwillis84 with the topic "isobuster dvd/hdd recorder".

    Note I have not seen any posts specifically discussing how the IsoBuster method handles "Copy Never" files: there is a possibility it either won't be able to copy those files to your PC, or it will but then the files will be locked to your PC or have other issues. I'd suggest contacting IsoBuster directly to ask.
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  3. Thanks Orsetto, for such a comprehensive response. Whether I have the smarts to remove the hard drive is another matter but I shall copy my other recordings to DVD before I start tinkering.

    But thks for your advice, much appreciated.

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    There are various forms of Copy Protect used by content makers and broadcasters, but I don't think they apply in this case.

    In several of the recorders that allowed "uploading" camcorder videos, they were stored in a separate area of the hard disk.

    I believe Isobuster always detects and separates "uploaded" videos from "recorded" videos into different folders.. you may have to hunt for them outside the usual population of videos. But they should be accessible.

    Isobuster can also be run in "Salvage" mode which forgoes trying to make sense of the hard disk structure based on the detected recorder type and searches the entire drive for file signatures it can recognize, and extracts the data to a PC file up to the next signature.
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  5. Thanks for your response, I shall look at the use of Isobuster, when I can safely detach the Hard drive.
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