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  1. Hi!

    I'm trying to figure out if the HDD in a Pioneer dvr-433h can be read with isobuster.
    On the isobuster webpage most 5xx series are listed it seems. But almost no 4xx series.
    Can anyone confirm if its working or not, before I go out getting isobuster, and rip out the HDD.
    And, are there any other ways to extract video from the 433h disk?

    Regards Laffen
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  2. According to jwillis84, who assisted the Isobuster developer with his dvd recorder compatibility project, the feature is supported for the Pioneer DVR-533 (the nightmare American model with self-destructing EPG/HDD) as well as the UK model 530. Your 433 was a somewhat unusual transitional UK model offered between the pre-2006 all-Pioneer designs and the post-2006 Pioneer-Sony collaborative designs: a hybrid of 530 UK operating system with American-market 533 compact chassis. So I think its highly likely Isobuster could read your HDD.

    Perhaps check jwillis84 VH and DigitalFAQ posts on the subject, example linked here. You might also send him a PM or inquire directly with Isobuster, tho of course they won't be able to definitively confirm a recorder model they have not physically tested. I'd think it more likely to work than not work: all the UK Pioneers used a fairly simple and consistent operating system and HDD format, it was only the awful USA/Canada-specific 531-533-633 models that significantly altered the HDD layout.
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  3. Thank you for a good answer. 😊

    I'll check the link. And worst case scenario, I'll just have to get a few DVD-RWs and go back and forth. 🤷🏼*♂️
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    Yes the Pioneer DVR-433h (PAL/NTSC) recorder has just been tested with Isobuster 4.7 and extracts the video recordings perfectly.


    The "Slim line" x33 models are quite small and tight and it can be difficult to get around the small spaces to remove the hard drive carrier screws. There is also a Ribbon cable that runs up over the top of the hard drive and is tucked up under the SCART connector board that isn't easy to see how it should be removed.. gently tugging on the ribbon cable from the rear of the recorder does the trick, but you can't see the connector it plugs into until after the ribbon cable is unseated.

    The Canadian and North American x33 models do not have a set of SCART connectors side by side on a circuit board to block the view.

    To reassemble you basically have to remove the SCART connector board, install the hard drive and re-insert the topside ribbon cable into its connector first, and then reinstall the SCART connector board.

    This is a ton of information, especially for anyone new to the "hobby" so if your not up to the task, I would recommend seeking someone to help you perform the task for the few times you might want to do it.

    This particular model is definitely not the easiest to work with when removing and reinstalling the hard drive.
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