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  1. Hey team, I am a bit of an encoding newbie and as such looking for some help. I am looking to upgrade my current setup to 4k. I do not stream games, just video content. Currently I am using two setups from two different 1080P sources. The first is using an Aliexpress 1080P HDMI 60fps encoder and watching the content at my cabin using Kodi's SimpleIPTV plugin. For the second source I am using a HD PVR 2 model 1512 with NextPVR. I am then watching that source from my cabin using Kodi's NextPVR addon or from plex using xteve for a fake HDhomerun tuner. I have also added the Aliexpress encoder to xteve. So what I am looking to do now is build a system that can capture 4k HDR and Non HDR content at 60 FPS. I am then looking to encode that stream on the fly, then I am looking to decode that stream on another computer at my cabin. I have been looking into what I need to do this. The simple option would to but a Aliexpress 4k external HDMI encoder but currently they only support 30 fps and have a whack load quality issues. So, I was thinking of building a system that had a 4k capable capture card and perhaps us a spare 1660 ti card I have to do the encoding.

    I know there is much I need to learn, but I am looking for some guidance, am I on the right track or not even close?

    Thank you in Advance,
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  2. Did I perhaps put this in the wrong area?
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