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  1. Hello, Maybe you can help me with my problem if there is a solution.
    1. I use MPC-HC. All bitstreaming formats are checked. All my movies that are in Bitstreaming work correctly. Some files that I have that are AAC say 5.1 and 7.1. When the signal comes in they are converted from PCM 2 channel, to 8 channel DTS +Neural X. It sounds like junk. Anything else with DD, DTS-HD, DTHD, sound great with the Neural X (height speakers added). Is there a way to receive the AAC signal as shown as 5.1 or 7.1 channel, or is it unavoidable with my receiver doing the transcoding. Perhaps a setting in MPC-HC ?
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  2. So basically AAC 5.1/7.1 is being read as 2 channel rather than 5.1/7.1. How do I fix this issue to read AAC properly. All other formats Ac3 etc have correct input signal.
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