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  1. Hi Everyone

    I want to create start and end points (multiple parts) for a specific video playing on VLC to avoid cutting a part of the video as well as converting. I use Windows 10.

    Well, I found on the videolan wiki VLC command line help those commands:

    [Attachment 57688 - Click to enlarge]

    For example, If I play 80 minute video and I want to play directly to 'part A' from 10 to 13 minute and repeat it many times until I use a keyboard shortcut to go next to 'part B' from 32 to 37 minute as well as repeating many times and doing the same until last points 'part E' and I want to use other keyboard shortcut to go back to 'part D' as well as repeating and so on.

    But first of all I don't know If I need to type the commands on command prompt or there is easier way to add the commands written on .txt file or any file and saving it, then joining with the video file on 'Open Multiple Files...' in VLC ?

    In the image, I found how to add start and end points and repeat it as many as I want, but how to add multiple parts (part A, part B...etc) and telling VLC that I want to go next or go back to the part when typing specific keyboard shortcut (created by myself) not used on VLC.

    Also how to specify the video file that I want to open with commands, in case it is not possible to use saved .txt or any file on 'Open Multiple Files...' in VLC ?

    Thank you !
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  2. __
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  3. Or If it is not possible to add multiple parts and keyboard shortcuts, one selected part is OK like in image.

    But how to add the video file path with vlc.exe and the image's commands ? I tried many times on command prompt but It doesn't work.
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