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  1. I left my sd card in the camcorder and forgot about it now the camcorder says No Card and NO Data I have tried a new card but same thing have I got a faulty card receiver
    All it says when I insert the card is No card and no data is my camcorder ruined
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    Which camera? (Manufacturer, model number. It might help someone recognize what may be wrong with the camera, if anything.)

    Does the original SD card read correctly in a different device (especially a computer)?

    Check your camera's manual - for the new card, see if the camera requires SD cards to be formatted a certain way before it can read or use them. Or whether or not it has problems or refuses to recognize certain types of SD card (like the higher-capacity cards, for example. Some devices may have problems with SDHC cards.)
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    Put a brand new, known-good brand blank on in the camera and format it using the camera's firmware. If it still shows nothing the cam is borked.

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