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    When i demux the video and audio of a DVD using DGIndex, the demuxed audio file usually says at the end 'DELAY 72ms' So then i deinterlace the video and apply some filters, render, then remux the video with the audio, though i do this using ffmpeg. Is using '-offset 0.072' correct? Now i just check to see if the audio is correct by importing the original VOB file, then dragging this rendered file into the timeline, so they both play at the same time, but there appears to be some slight reverb, indicating it's still ms out of sync?
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  2. You don't know if the NLE applies the 72ms audio delay, or ignores it. And putting a VOB in the timeline might not be the proper way to import a DVD into a NLE. First, the VOBs from a title must be joined and remuxed to one mpg file, and then that mpg file must be imported into the NLE. The duration of the audio delay is not long enough to notice if there's delay, when watching the video. That's why I was not able to verify if dgindex's delay is accurate. So I mux to mkv with the delay reported by dgindex, which is usually 40 ms. And later, if I change my mind and want to change audio delay from +40ms to 0ms or to -40ms, I open the mkv file in mkvtoolnix-gui, edit the audio delay, and remux to mkv.
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