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  1. I'm sure that many have encountered the inevitable blank spots on home videos. They are those one-to-two second gaps of blank tape. The trouble is, that VirtualDub goes to a blank screen, when it encounters one of these. The video capture does not resume, once the signal returns. I need to re-cue the tape to that spot, and initiate a new capture.

    My question is: Is there a setting that I can change, to prevent this? Or, is it a problem with the capture device? On a related note, I would like to be able start the capture, before I actually start the tape---so I don't miss the first couple/few seconds. I could always edit-out the blank portion later. But, this doesn't seem to work. I will get audio, but no video.
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  2. This is why one wants a full frame TBC for VHS capture.
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  3. Not necessarily true. VirtualDub seems able to reacquire the video signal, if the interruption (blank segment on the recording) is not much more than a second. Longer than that, and it seems to give up trying. That was why I was wondering if there might be a setting in the capture mode.

    Or, the fault could lie in the crappy capture device that I was using. I have better on-order. So, I will see if the issue persists.
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