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  1. D.mp4

    I already know how to deinterlace it, but are there other things I can do that will make it look better? I normally use Staxrip for encoding.

    Thanks in advance
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    Are you thinking about making a DVD from this video, or something to view on the computer?
    Or does it come from a DVD ?
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  3. Something to view on the computer.
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  4. white balance (with some gain on the whites) and color curves (to increase contrast smoothly= blacker blacks essentially)
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  5. You need to fix the level shift and also adjust the gamma.

    You need to correct the color. The adjustment needs to be different for the shadows, midtones, and highlights. The first photo shows the histogram before any adjustments. The second photo shows the results of correcting both the offset as well as the color. If you really want to get into it, and your NLE has something similar to the Vegas Secondary Color Corrector, you can target the remaining green on the keyboard and remove that, as I've shown in the third picture.

    Of course you can stabilize it to get rid of the shakiness, and also perform noise reduction.
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  6. wow johnmeyer, that looks really great
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