This was originally posted in the Newbie forum cuz I'm a newbie! However, this may be a more appropriate forum. Sorry for the duplicate:

I just scored a new (well, it's a refurb to be accurate) computer to be used as my video editing machine. It's a fairly beefy machine although it's a generation or so old. Specifically it's an HP Z440 (E5-1660 gen 3 CPU, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Quadro K620) and my question has to do with an additional drive for scratch and cache files when using Resolve.

I'm considering three alternatives:
1. Add another SSD. Plenty of 6 G/b SATA connectors.
2. Add a PCIe to NVME m.2 adapter and an NVME drive
3. Add RAM and create a RAMDisk

Any suggestions? Other ideas?