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  1. Here it is

    I'm trying to use it. I can't get it to record sounds. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit and their website has a video that looks like it is telling me I have enable it by right clicking the sound icon in my notification area (bottom right) and doing this Though, I am not using potplayer.

    Does HDMI output audio information from a video card? That's how I have it set up, it goes from the video card to the device, then from the device to the monitor. The reason I wanted a device like this was to be able record things that normally aren't recordable, like your system booting up/bios screens/installing windows, etc.

    I know someone who had a microphone built into his monitor, so I figure that may be a reason why a video card would output (and the monitor would receive) sound. It has to send the sound from the microphone back to the computer some way, after all. My monitor doesn't have a microphone/speakers built into it, but hopefully the HDMI coming from it also captures audio so the device can capture it as well, right now I'm getting no sound when I record.

    Also, I have played the videos back with both VLC media player and Windows Media Player. I really don't like the quality, but I wonder if that's the device, or perhaps my player. My monitor's video looks perfectly fine as I am looking at it right now and when I use it normally. In the videos I recorded, the text on icons and files is distorted and so is the video. A screenshot of my desktop I could take using print screen and pasting it to paint looks better than the video of it paused.
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  2. As far as the video quality goes, maybe I could post al inks to a few videos of videos recorded from computer screens/windows that I think are actually GOOD. And, maybe you'd know what was used to record them.
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