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  1. I am new to digitizing old analog video. I am using VirtualDub2. My question: On the raw digitized file, the audio is lagging about a half-second behind the video. Also, whenever a "null" frame is inserted, a frame from a half second before the inserted frame is being duplicated, rather than simply the previous frame. Do I have some setting wrong? Here are my "vitals":

    Sony EV-C100 Hi8 Video Deck
    Dazzle Video Capture HU3194 (For some reason, listed by VirtualDub2 as "Roxio Video Capture Device")
    MSI Apache Pro Laptop---Intel Core i7, 64 bit, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX970m
    VirtualDub2, build 44282
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  2. One other note that I forgot to mention: I am using the Lagarith lossless codec.
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