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  1. All of the post I've seen regarding this talk about 4k HDR -> 1080p SDR w/ tonemapping, etc. I'd like to avoid tonemapping and just shrink down the 4k to 1080p while retaining HDR, but I'm unsure of the effects (if any) on the actual luminance / color after the resize. I read somewhere about "converting the HDR to linear before resizing" to prevent unintended dimming in certain regions, but unsure if its actually a necessary step or how to do that correctly.

    I'm aware that I should be reverse upscaling when resizing a 4k source that was originally just upscaled, but for native 4k shot material what are the top few resizers I should be using? I've been using Bicubic for awhile but I've also seen Spline64 recommended on here before.

    I'm resizing and encoding with avisynth+ and x265, and passing through the proper master-display info, max-cll, etc. I'm just concerned about unintended mistakes before I start spending these cpu cycles
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    This is what I used in Vidcoder. Why don't you run some tests and see?
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