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  1. What are the pros and cons of shooting in a higher resolution than what the final render is going to be? Let's say you shoot 1080P/60 but you know the final product will be 720P/30? Do you gain anything by doing this? Are there artifacts created during the render process? I come from an audio background and the process of converting one sample rate to another, slower one involves dithering and that can create artifacts. This is why I ask.

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  2. Every Hollywood movie is done this way on a larger scale. It allows for re-framing during editing and a "future-proof" archive. As long as you don't bit-starve your final output it is fine. You will lose some sharpness and detail, but it will generally look as good or better than if you had started with 720 to begin with.

    Your most noticeable change will be the frame rate, which will either result in a mushier look if you choose to blend it, or less smooth motion if you choose to sample it. That said, 720p/60 is also a viable option.
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  3. Thanks smrpix! Once again, you rock!
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  4. Shoot high, render high, deliver low.
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